What’s All The Hype About The RE/MAX Convention in Vegas?

Last week was “R4”, also known as the REMAX Annual International Convention in Las Vegas. “R4” stands for “Reignite, Reconnect, Recognize and Rediscover”…and that is exactly what it did for those agents that attended.

Margaret Kelly during opening session       Marie Osmond and Co-Founder, Gail Liniger

Ronnie Tosoni, of RE/MAX Professionals in East Greenwich, attends the convention every year.
“I go every year to re-energize me and my business,” explains Ronnie.

Like many RE/MAX Affiliates who have attended the annual convention, Ronnie has built fantastic business relationships with other agents from all over the world. Over 10 years ago Ronnie met the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Cayman Islands, James Bovell, who introduced her to a group of RE/MAX Broker’s and Associates from around the globe. Every year this group, who call themselves “Camp Cayman” meet up at the convention to share ideas, business expertise, and to support one another, all while having a whole lot of fun.

Ronnie and Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX

“I have friends that keep in touch regularly, long after the convention has ended. They hold me accountable for goals that I have made in my business, which is an important part of real estate. More importantly, I have built a fantastic referral network. I have referred several clients to my RE/MAX Affiliates in other states and have received referrals as well.”

Rick Lemos, of RE/MAX Preferred was the winner of the free trip to the convention that RE/MAX in Rhode Island raffled off in 2011. Rick has been with RE/MAX since 1988 and although he has been to Vegas often, he has never attended the convention.

“I had a great time and picked up a lot of useful information that will help my real estate business. Plus, I made new contacts with other RE/MAX agents throughout the country that I can send buyers to, as well as hopefully receive a referral or 2 as well. Overall – it was fun and informational and I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to attend this year,” stated Rick

Scott McGee and Liz Murray, who are agents on the Stearns/McGee Team at RE/MAX Properties also attended for the first time.
“We had a blast. Being here allows you to experience just how big of a company RE/MAX is. We had an opportunity to see first-hand, other successful agents, and gives you an incentive to work towards,” explained Liz and Scott.

Some of the highlights of this year’s Convention included:
-Margaret Kelly kicked off the Opening Session with uplifting and positive news about the economy and housing market.
-Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, sent a great message regarding the importance of company culture and customer service.
-Renowned photographer Dewitt Jones, who spoke at the closing session, gave examples of how confidence and looking at the same thing in a different way can lead to success.
-David Bach, founder of FinishRich.com, discussed the benefits of using IRAs to purchase Real Estate, which can be especially useful for certain buyers in the current real estate market.
-Brian Buffini, which is a name that most every RE/MAX Agent knows, gave a great talk about the importance of staying focused and keeping a contact system in place.
-The New RE/MAX Mobile App was announced – and within the first few days, there was an overwhelming number of downloads!
-With Social Media becoming even more important in marketing your business these days, there were a variety of tools and techniques shown to maximize your presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging and even some new sites such as Pinterest.

Next year, RE/MAX will be celebrating its 40th convention. It is set for February 25- 28th, 2013 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
Will You Be There?

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