Looking For Continuing Education Credits?

Posted Under Christine Tanner, RE/MAX Flagship
& Richard Zompa, RE/MAX Preferred, Properties and Town & Country

In Rhode Island, every 2 years, Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons must complete 24 credits of continuing education classes. Six out of the required twenty-four, must be credits from CORE classes. With the beginning of 2012 approaching rapidly, so is the deadline of April 30th for agents to get these required credits.

Where Are Classes Being Offered?
Although continuing education classes in Rhode Island are offered by various institutions and schools, including The RI Association of Realtors, local realtor boards, and even on-line, RE/MAX in RI has arranged courses in the past for their RE/MAX agents, as well as any real estate agent needing credits and are currently in the process of setting up continuing education opportunities for 2012.

In the interim, both RE/MAX Flagship of Narragansett and RE/MAX Preferred of North Providence have already implemented continuing education classes for the past few months and continue to offer them through the beginning of next year.

“Because our office is in Narragansett, I usually set up continuing education classes in my office, to make it convenient for our agents. They won’t have to take an extra hour out of their day in travel time, as many other classes are offered further,” states Chris Tanner, Broker Owner of RE/MAX Flagship

Classroom, RE/MAX Flagship

RE/MAX Preferred has 2 meeting rooms. Both rooms have internet access and flat screen televisions. One room accommodates up to 15 agents, the other, up to 45 agents.

Large Classroom, RE/MAX Preferred Small Classroom, RE/MAX Preferred

“When a recertification year is approaching – I usually begin scheduling classes in the fall. My RE/MAX Preferred Office has 2 beautiful, comfortable and very efficient classrooms. RE/MAX agents, along with agents from other local real estate offices, enjoy coming here, to an accessible location to get their credits,” states Richard Zompa, Broker Owner of RE/MAX Preferred, Properties and Town & Country.

Both Chris Tanner and Richard Zompa coordinate classes through a co-op program with the RI Association of Realtors.
Here is a list of upcoming classes, each worth 3 credits. For complete details on these classes and others, and to register, visit www.rieducation.com
All real estate agents can attend these classes for a discounted price of $30 – if registered online, which is less expensive than registering by phone.

Thursday, January 19th
Course #31 = “Don’t Play With Fire”
9 -12 noon RE/MAX Preferred, North Providence
Course #209 = “You, Inc. – Building a Real Estate Business”
9:30- 12:30 p.m. RE/MAX Flagship, Narragansett

Thursday, February 9th
Course #390 = “New Purchase and Sales Agreements”
9-12 noon RE/MAX Preferred, North Providence

Thursday, February 16th
Course #236A = “Environmental Issues”
9:30 – 12:30 p.m. RE/MAX Flagship, Narragansett

Thursday, March 15th
Course #318 = “Real Estate Contracts/Forms
9:30 -12:30 p.m. RE/MAX Preferred, North Providence

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